A Revitalized Downtown Thrives in the Heartland

KANSAS CITY - Nestled in a nook of the Missouri River just accross from Kansas City’s downtown business center, Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport (once Richards Field) is considered by some to be the original home to commercial aviation. In fact...

Hangar Ten: Design and construction

Dye Aviation, a design and construction management firm, has been designing general aviation support facilities, corporate flight departments, FBOs, and MROs for some 20 years. Remarks president Mercer Dye, “The Hangar Ten project was a lot of fun.

“It was the toughest site I’ve ever worked on; it kind of got squeezed from every point of view. We had sight-line issues with the tower, so we had to bend the building around. We couldn’t get much repetition of any design component; almost every corner of the place is unique.”

According to Dye, Stowers was very interested in having the facility be as energy efficient as possible. Daylighting in the terminal and automated sky and wall lights in the hangar contribute to the sustainability of the complex.

Dye says that FBO terminal buildings are kind of like designing branch banks. “The adjacency of each function is important. Our starting point was, the more people that have the ability to see the ramp, the safer the place will be. So customer service, line service, passengers, and administrative staff all have a view to the ramp,” he says.

“It’s for safety, and it also enables the staff to perform the best customer support possible.”

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