Techbytes Jan11

Advertising Mirrors

Mirrus, creator of the Digital Advertising Mirror, has partnered with research agency Millward Brown to study the effectiveness of Mirror Image as an advertising medium. The study began at the Greensboro Coliseum and will conclude with testing at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.

Airportal Concepts

Sensis Corporation is selected by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for the NASA Research Announcement (NRA) NextGen Airportal Project Technologies: System Analysis, Integration and Evaluation (SAIE). Sensis will perform a cost-benefit analysis of select NASA concepts and technologies (C&Ts) for the airportal environment (defined as terminal airspace down to the airport gate) and investigate the integration of the concepts into the National Airspace System (NAS).

Boingo Wireless

Boingo Wireless announces the renewal of its bilateral roaming agreement with T-Mobile USA for subscriber access to Wi-Fi hotspots. With the new agreement, T-Mobile subscribers will gain access to 53 Boingo airport locations in the U.S. and Canada at no additional charge.

Contact Management System

JETNET LLC, a provider of corporate aviation information, expands its suite of aircraft market intelligence products with the release of a new aviation-specific web-based contact management system, JETNET Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for JETNET Evolution customers. The new CRM, which requires an Evolution subscription, gives users access to JETNET’s entire database of aviation contacts and aircraft, and allows users to add their own contact records, notes, action items, and other CRM data.

Customer Service

The Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) launches two new technology-based services to help travelers make the most of their trip through Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP). A new Digital Concierge program features two four-sided digital touch screen directories located at either end of the MSP airport mall in Terminal 1, and MSP’s new mobile application, goHow Airport, is available for free download onto iPhone and BlackBerry devices.

EASE Passenger Processing

Air-Transport IT Services, Inc. (AirIT)announces that it is providing its EASE shared-use infrastructure platform solution to the Northwest Florida Regional Airport. The addition of this technology will help the airport bolster its aggressive plans to attract new airlines and add air service. AirIT’s shared-use airline check-in system, EASE (extended airline system environment), allows any equipped ticket counter or gate podium to be utilized by any airline operating on the system. This added efficiency greatly reduces airline costs, making the decision to add or expand airport service more palatable, according to the company.

Exit Lane Security

Cernium Corporation announces that it has received a contract from SecureNet, Inc., to provide equipment and services to TSA’s Exit Lane Breach Control (ELBC) Pilot Project, which will take place at the Dallas-Fort Worth and Seattle-Tacoma International airports. SecureNet, the project integrator, will deploy Cernium’s ExitSentry exit lane breach control video technology as part of the overall solution.

NICE Situator

NICE announces that the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport has implemented NICE’s open platform situation management solution, NICE Situator, in its new Security Operations Center. The Center serves as the coordination hub for all airport security operations and emergency response activities. The deployment of NICE Situator is part of a larger FAA-sponsored security upgrade project undertaken by the airport to meet TSA 1542 airport security regulations.

SITA/BCS Self-Service Baggage Solution

SITA, with baggage handling system specialist BCS Group, unveils a self-service baggage solution for common-use platforms that provides air passengers with the ability to experience end-to-end self-service with unassisted bag tagging and dropoff. The SITA/BCS kiosk was unveiled at check-in Asia in Kuala Lumpur last November. SITA’s Passenger Self-Service Survey found that almost half of the survey respondents who checked in at a desk rather than online or through a kiosk did so because of the need to check in a bag.ShoeScannerMorpho Detection, Inc.launches a data collection study of its next generation ShoeScanner at Indianapolis International Airport (IND), one of the final steps in preparing this solution for regulatory approvals. The data is expected to provide critical insights into real-world operational requirements.