Techbytes Feb11

Aircraft Tracking AvConnect announces its partnership with spidertracks, an aircraft satellite tracking system, to offer for the first time an entirely automated and real-time pilot and aircraft recordkeeping solution for pilots, owner/operators...

SITA and Bluelon announce a partnership to provide sophisticated real-time passenger tracking and queue management to airports worldwide. The partnership means that Bluelon’s iQueue solution will be provided by SITA to airports for the first time, using the company’s industry expertise in the deployment and support of airport management systems. iQueue’s advanced technology will be used to track movements throughout the airport infrastructure, including queues in security and immigration areas, to ensure rapid deployment of available resources to deal with long wait times;

Screening Technology

Smiths Detection announces a $19 million additional order from Canadian Air Transportation Security Authority (CATSA) for advanced Threat Identification X-ray systems for use at airport baggage checkpoints. The order for HI-SCAN 6040 aTiX and HI-SCAN 7555 aTiX systems is the latest in the phased replacement of traditional single-view systems with advanced multi-view X-ray scanners in airports across Canada. The aTiX systems capture multiple views of luggage in a single sweep and feature automatic explosives and liquid detection;

Shared-Use Technology

Air-Transport IT Services, Inc. (AirIT) announces that it is providing its EASE product, a shared-use infrastructure platform solution to the Northwest Florida Regional Airport. AirIT’s shared-use airline check-in system, EASE (extended airline system environment), allows any equipped ticket counter or gate podium to be utilized by any airline operating on the system. This added efficiency reduces airline costs, making the decision to add or expand airport service more palatable, according to a press release;


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