Techbytes Feb11

Aircraft Tracking

AvConnect announces its partnership with spidertracks, an aircraft satellite tracking system, to offer for the first time an entirely automated and real-time pilot and aircraft recordkeeping solution for pilots, owner/operators, fleet managers, service professionals, and maintenance teams. AvConnect’s technology now works directly with spidertracks, giving customers the benefit of receiving complete and immediate flight data directly into their account. Every flight detail is recorded in real-time, which in turn automatically updates personal logbooks, aircraft status, and flight entries, Hobbs, and tach times. The end result: Anyone needing that aircraft information is informed instantly. Maintenance times are automatically calculated, triggering any reminders or notifications sent by AvConnect to the pilot or the team of people managing that aircraft;

Android Software

Flight Display Systems announces it has introduced and successfully installed an Android software application for use with its Select Cabin Management System (Select CMS). Now VIP aircraft passengers can control all cabin functions from the familiar setting of their mobile phone or tablet computer. The software is available today for all Flight Display Systems Select CMS customers. The VIP 7” Android-powered tablet controls all cabin functions, such as lighting, window shades, Blu-ray player, movie library, and the Flight Display Moving Map. The wireless system operates via Bluetooth for full control anywhere inside the aircraft cabin. Android is the application framework developed by Google for connected mobile devices. According to Google, in December 2010, over 300,000 new Android phones were being activated each day;

Baggage Handling Software

The Vanderlande Industries baggage handling software (VIBES) is now approved for the U.S. market by BNP Associates. Vanderlande Industries Inc. is a leading supplier of airport baggage handling systems in North America and the largest in the world, according to the company. The VIBES suite is fully compliant with latest regulations of the TSA as well as CATSA; www.


ETS Reporting Solution

Colt International announces that it now offers a turnkey solution for flight departments burdened by the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS). Colt’s Emission Reporting Program ensures that operators comply with the March 31, 2011 deadline to submit verified 2010 emissions data. The program will record, monitor, error check, and safeguard all relevant flight data and then build the proper reports necessary for verification;

Iris Recognition

AOptix Technologies, Inc., a developer of advanced biometrics products, suggests the use of iris recognition to authenticate passengers and secure air travel. The AOptix InSight iris recognition system operates at a distance of two meters and can capture a very high quality picture of an iris in less than two seconds. Travelers of all heights simply sit or stand in the large .75 cubic meter capture zone, look at the device, and open their eyes. Taking merely 5 percent of the time for typical full body scan or manual pat-down, an InSight-based solution that conclusively authenticates travelers at security screening checkpoints could improve the overall level of security with minimal impact on traveler wait times and frustration, says the company;


JETNET LLC has launched JETNET iQ, a forecasting and premium advisory service for the business aviation market. Available on a members-only basis, the advisory service consists of three main components: JETNET iQ REPORTS, JETNET iQ SUMMITS, and JETNET iQ CONSULTING;

Passenger Tracking

SITA and Bluelon announce a partnership to provide sophisticated real-time passenger tracking and queue management to airports worldwide. The partnership means that Bluelon’s iQueue solution will be provided by SITA to airports for the first time, using the company’s industry expertise in the deployment and support of airport management systems. iQueue’s advanced technology will be used to track movements throughout the airport infrastructure, including queues in security and immigration areas, to ensure rapid deployment of available resources to deal with long wait times;

Screening Technology

Smiths Detection announces a $19 million additional order from Canadian Air Transportation Security Authority (CATSA) for advanced Threat Identification X-ray systems for use at airport baggage checkpoints. The order for HI-SCAN 6040 aTiX and HI-SCAN 7555 aTiX systems is the latest in the phased replacement of traditional single-view systems with advanced multi-view X-ray scanners in airports across Canada. The aTiX systems capture multiple views of luggage in a single sweep and feature automatic explosives and liquid detection;

Shared-Use Technology

Air-Transport IT Services, Inc. (AirIT) announces that it is providing its EASE product, a shared-use infrastructure platform solution to the Northwest Florida Regional Airport. AirIT’s shared-use airline check-in system, EASE (extended airline system environment), allows any equipped ticket counter or gate podium to be utilized by any airline operating on the system. This added efficiency reduces airline costs, making the decision to add or expand airport service more palatable, according to a press release;