Cecil Prepares To Launch

JACKSONVILLE, FL — In 1999 the former Naval Air Base Cecil Field was transferred over to the Jacksonville Aviation Authority (JAA), which also operates Jacksonville International Airport and two other relievers, Craig and Herlong Airports. Of the...

Comments Simpson, “Once Hillwood, with all its connections, takes off, I see a lot of warehouse distribution, light industrial coming to what used to be Navy property at Cecil. All ships will rise with the tide, as more development comes to the west side of Jacksonville and the Alliance Florida part right next door takes off.”

As an example of how JAA can partner with tenants, Simpson points to the recent paint hangar development put together with the college and Flightstar. Relates Simpson, “Flightstar came to us and said, we have a need; we’re busting at the seams. We’re doing maintenance work out on the apron. Working with the college, it was able to get a state grant under education, and they’re going to increase their presence here through their MRO, airframe and powerplant mechanics school, and add an aircraft coating curriculum for painting aircraft.

“We put in money and entered into a deal with Flightstar where we’d use state money and JAA money and they would lease the building from us in order to meet their need for expansion. And it will feature students working side by side with Flightstar employees at various points in their education process. Sort of an on the job training scenario.”

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